Power Engineering and Environmental Technology

Research topics:Nuclear fusion energy, Plasma science and engineering

Research topics:Applied superconductivity, Electrical machinery

Research topics:New energy, Solar cell technology, Quantum nanostructures

※ No assignment of students for this year.

Research topics:Plasma physics and engineering, Fusion energy development

Research topics:Plasma Applications, Plasma Chemistry

Research topics:High voltage engineering, Plasma physics, Electric power apparatus

Research topics:Dielectric and insulating materials, Materials informatics

Research topics:Power Electronics, Smart grid

Research topics:Laser Sensing, Diagnostics of Electric Power Apparatus

※ Prof. Kumada and Prof. Fujii will co-supervise graduate students.

Research topics:Energy economics, Environmental economics, Measures to mitigate global warming

Space Engineering and Control Technology

Research topics:Control engineering, Precision control, Learning control, Optimization, Mechatronics

※ Students assigned to Ohnishi’s laboratory are co-supervised with Prof. Koseki. No assignments for students entering in October 2022.

Research topics:Space Robotics, AI, Image Recognition

Research topics:Motion control, Rail−guided transport, Electric traction

Research topics:Spacecraft Control, Image-based Navigation

Research topics:Spacecraft system, signal processing, microwave remote sensing

Research topics:Applied Control Engineering, Electric Vehicle and Airplane, Wireless Power Transfer

Nano Physics and Device Technology

Research topics:Quantum Nanophotonics, Topologucal Photonics, Diamond Nanophotonics

Research topics:Spintronics, spin current, topological materials, oxide-based spintronics devices, quantum nano physics

Research topics:devices for tissue engineering (stem cells and iPS cells), optogenetics, wearable devices, tissue cleaning method and devices

※ No assignment of students for this year.

Research topics:Spintronics, functional electronic materials, electronic structure, synchrotron radiation spectroscopy

※ Students assigned to Masaki Kobayashi’s laboratory are co-supervised with Prof. Masaaki Tanaka.

Research topics:Next generation semiconductor transistor and memory technology, AI application nanoelectronic device

Research topics:High-efficiency solar cells, Solar Fuel, Renewable energy system

Research topics:Advanced energy conversion materials, Oxide electronics, Magnonics

※ Students assigned to Seki’s laboratory are co-supervised with Prof. Tabata.

Research topics:Organic and molecular electronics, Flexible devices and systems, Biological measurement, Wearable electronics

Research topics:Semiconductor device, Nano device, MOSFET

Research topics:Nano-probes, Nano-characterization, Surface physics

Research topics:Si photonics, electronic-photonic integrated circuit, optical computing

Research topics:Physics and devices using spin degrees of freedom as well as optical/transport properties, Spintronics materials and devices, Nanoscience and nanotechnology

Research topics:Photonic integrated circuit, nanophotonics, optical imaging

Research topics:Microelectromechanical Systems, MEMS

Research topics:Semiconductor/Dielectric/Ferroelectric materials and devices, Optoelectronic devices, AI-accelerator devices

※ No assignment of students for this year.

Research topics:Spintronics, semiconductor devices, machine-learning devices

※ No assignment of students for this year.

Research topics:Optoelectronic devices, integrated photonics, optical energy

Research topics:Energy harvesting, Integrated quantum electronics

Research topics:Quantum semiconductor devices, nanoscience, terahertz dynamics

Research topics:Integrated devices, Low power devices, Silicon power devices

  • HIROSE KazuyukiProfessor
  • sagamihara

Research topics:Semiconductor devices for space use, Electronic properties of semiconductor nanostructures

※ No assignment of students for this year.

Research topics:Soft electronic materials, Human machine interface

Research topics:Organic electronics, Printed Electronics

Research topics:Organic electronics, Flexible/Soft Electronics

※ No assignment of students for this year.

Research topics:Topological Quantum Electronics, Oxide Electronics, Quantum Computing Science & Technology

Nano Bio Electronics and Complexity Engineering

Research topics:Neuromorphic Systems, Neuromimetic Systems, Nerveous system modeling

Research topics:Mathematical Biology, Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, Biophysics

Research topics:Biomedical engineering, Functional neuroimaging, Wearable devices

Research topics:Complexity Science

※ No assignment of students for this year.

Research topics:Oxide electronics, Bio-electronics, Quantum life science, Magnonics

Research topics:Nano-optics, Nano-materials, biosensing, energy-saving, thermal management, mechano-optics

※ No assignment of students for this year.

Media, Intelligence and Computation Technology

Research topics:Computer Vision, Augmented/Mixed Reality

Research topics:Speech Information Processing, Multimedia Information Processing

Research topics:Dielectric and insulating materials, Materials informatics

Research topics:High-performance Computing, Accelerated Computing, Computational Mechanics

Research topics:High Performance Computing, Accelerator, High-speed Interconnect

Research topics:Speech Communication, Computer-Aided Language Learning

Ubiquitous Information Environment Technology

Research topics:Communication Networks, Distributed Processing

※ No assignment of students for this year.

Research topics:Augmented Reality, Human Computer Interaction, Human Interface, Interactive Media

Research topics:Digital Fabrication, Sensing, Internet of Things

Research topics:Information system infrastructure, IT resource management

Research topics:Wide area distributed processing technology

Research topics:Wireless Engineering, Cyber-Physical System, Edge AI

※ Students assigned to Yoshiaki Narusue’s laboratory are co-supervised with Prof. Hiroyuki Morikawa.

Research topics:Beyond 5G/6G, Cloud Robotics, Digital Society Design

Research topics:Human-Computer Interaction, AI/IoT applications, Usable security

LSI System Engineering

Research topics:Analog/Digital Mixed-Signal Advanced Integrated Systems

Research topics:Hardware Security and System LSI, Smart Image Sensor Systems

Research topics:Integrated Circuits, 3D Integration, AI

※ No assignment of students for this year.

Research topics:Low-power Circuits, AI processor, Computational Sensing

※ No assignment of students for this year.

Research topics:Integrated Power Management, Power Electronics

Research topics:Data-Centric Computing, Computation in Memory, AI chip, Approximate Computing, Co-design of Hardware & Software

Research topics:Lowpower Circuits, Wireless Communication Systems, 3D Integration

※ No assignment of students for this year.

Research topics:MEMS, Intelligent Semiconductor Microdevices

Photonics and Wireless Engineering

Research topics:Biomedical imaging, pulsed lasers, quantum optics

Research topics:Ultrafast Pulsed Laser, 3D Imaging, LIDAR

※ No assignment of students for this year.

Research topics:Measurement Engineering, Synthetic Aperture Radar, Remote Sensing

Research topics:Neural networks (AI data processing), Wireless electronics (Imaging, Sensing)

Research topics:Fiber Photonics, Fiber lasers, Fiber sensing