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Information for the entrance examinations

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems strives to foster talent that can contribute to solving global challenges and creating novel values of technology through inclusion of researchers with a wide variety of backgrounds, including electrical engineering, computer science, physics, material science, chemistry, energy/environmental engineering, control engineering, and space engineering.

In order to open the door to prospective students in a wider variety of backgrounds, Specialized Subject has been renewed significantly in FY2020.

Examinees are requested to select and answer two problems from the following. The time of examination is 150 min for the two problems in total.

1. Electromagnetism
2. Electrical Circuits
3. Information (I)
4. Information (II)
5. Solid-State Physics
6. Control and Electric Energy Engineering

Keywords for each area

For the examination in FY2023, the problems are written on an English or Japanese. The answers can be given in English or Japanese.

[Sample Problems]

- Examination in FY2023:
    Problem 1Problem 2Problem 3Problem4Problem 5Problem 6
- Examination in FY2023 (Japanese translation):
    Problem 1Problem 2Problem 3Problem 4Problem 5Problem 6

- Examination in FY2022:
Problem 1, Problem 2, Problem 3, Problem 4, Problem 5, Problem 6
- Examination in FY2021:
Problem 1, Problem 2, Problem 3, Problem 4, Problem 5, Problem 6
- Examination in FY2021 (Japanese translation):
Problem 1, Problem 2, Problem 3, Problem 4, Problem 5, Problem 6

- Examination in FY2020 (added underlines and Japanese translation, following the FY2021 format):
Problem 1, Problem 2, Problem 3, Problem 4, Problem 5, Problem 6, Japanese translation

- The sample problems represent the format of the problems, and they do not necessarily specify the level or the range of possible questions.
- The keywords represent important concepts in each area, and they do not necessarily indicate the range of possible questions.

[Other reference]
・Examination before FY2019 (old format)
FY2019, FY2018, FY2017, FY2016, FY2015, FY2014, FY2013, FY2012

Note: - The style, volume, range, and level of the problems are different from the current ones.

Overview of each question

* Keywords represent important concepts in each field and do not limit the range of questions.

1. Electromagnetism

- Electric charge and electrostatic field
- Dielectric
- Electric current
- Magnetic field
- Magnetic substance
- Electromagnetic induction
- Maxwell's equations< br />- Electromagnetic waves

2. Electrical circuit

Linear circuit

- DC/AC circuit
- Transient response, Laplace transform
- Frequency response, Fourier transform
- Transmission line

Electronic circuit and transistor circuit

- Small signal equivalent circuit
- Amplification circuit, oscillation circuit
- Transfer function, Feedback

3. Information engineering I

Information theory

- Information source and communication channel
- Mutual information and entropy, communication capacity
- Source coding
- Channel coding

Signal processing

- Fourier transform
- Sampling theorem
- Z-transform and digital filter
- Modulation, demodulation

4. Information engineering Ⅱ

Logic circuit

- Boolean algebra
-Combinatorial circuit
- Sequential circuit

Algorithm and programming

- look-up, sort
- Data structure
- Program control structure

5. Solid state physical properties

Fundamentals of quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics

- Schrodinger equation
- Eigenenergy, eigenstate (eigen function)
- FermiDirac statistics

Properties of semiconductors and their applications

- Band structure
- Electrical and optical properties
- P-n junction, schottky junction
- MOS structure

6. Control and electrical energy engineering

Control engineering

- Fundamentals of transfer function method and state space method
- Time response and frequency response
- System stability and its classifier
- Design of feedback control system

Electrical energy engineering

- Electrical energy and power
- Single-phase alternating current and three-phase alternating current
- Electro-mechanical energy conversion

For the 2022 entrance exams, both the Japanese (original) and English versions of the exam questions will be distributed. Answers must be in Japanese or English.

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