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Discover the Future through

Electrical Engineering and Information Systems

Humanity has continued to prosper by skillfully manipulating the real world of physics and the abstract world of information while going back and forth between these two worlds.

By inventing language, we abstracted information and succeeded in recording and communicating it using physics such as words and characters.

In today's world where everything is connected to the Internet and processed by artificial intelligence, not only information technology, but also the physical technology that supports it is changing our society with tremendous power.
In the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, we aim to master both physics and information, and bring innovation to everything from nanodevices to space.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems (EEIS)

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems

EEIS research field

EEIS has eight fields, and research is conducted at the Hongo Campus, Komaba Research Campus, Kashiwa Campus, and Sagamihara Campus.

In every field, our mission is to open up the future with advanced technology and tackle important global issues.

EEIS has inherited the history and tradition of being the first university department in the world to specialize in electrical engineering (1873) and is responsible for the core fields of engineering, and values the frontier spirit that has always created new concepts and cutting-edge technologies that open up new eras.

Environment and energy

This is a research field that targets physical devices and equipment systems in other areas related to environmental energy.

Energy engineeringDesign and evaluation of sustainable and environmental conscious systemNanostructural physicsPlasma sciencePlasma electronicsApplied materialsNuclear fusion studiesOptical engineering, Photon scienceElectronic materials/Electric materialsPower engineering/Power conversion/Electric machinery

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System control and space

This research field is related to robots, railways, automobiles, and space. Electronic engineering and control technology are core technologies in this field.

Dynamics/ControlMeasurement engineeringAerospace engineeringControl engineering/System engineeringIntelligent mechanics/Mechanical systemsElectronic materials/Electric materialsPower engineering/Power conversion/Electric machinery

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Nano physics and devices

This field is divided into Hongo and Komaba, and researches the area where electronics and physics intersect.

Electron device/Electronic equipmentElectronic materials/Electric materialsNanostructural physicsThin film/Surface and interfacial physical properties Applied materialsOptical engineering, Photon scienceNanomaterials engineeringCommunication/Network engineeringBiomedical engineering/Biomaterial science and engineeringNano/Microsystems

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Biotechnology and complex systems

A unique research field that aims to construct a new research paradigm through the fusion of bioscience and engineering.

Mathematical informaticsSoft computingLife/Health/Medical informaticsThin film/Surface and interfacial physical properties Optical engineering, Photon scienceElectronic materials/Electric materialsElectron device/Electronic equipmentKansei informaticsBiomedical engineering/Biomaterial science and engineeringMedical system

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Media, intelligence, and computation

In this field, research studies on information science and high-performance computers are conducted. This field also explores the relationship between information technology and humans.

Computer systemSoftwareLearning support systemKansei informaticsHigh performance computingInformation securityPerceptual information processingIntelligent roboticsIntelligent informaticsCognitive science

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Ubiquitous information environment

This field widely covers network infrastructures that support the next-generation society.

Web informatics, Service informaticsComputer systemHigh performance computingInformation securityInformation networkPerceptual information processingIntelligent informaticsCommunication/Network engineering

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Semiconductor systems

This field researches high-performance computing technology and software technology mainly using semiconductor integrated circuit technology.

Energy engineeringComputer systemNanobioscienceHigh performance computingInformation securityControl engineering/System engineeringPerceptual information processingIntelligent informaticsCommunication/Network engineeringElectron device/Electronic equipment

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Photonics and wireless

In this field, research on measurement sensing communication systems using light and radio waves is conducted.

Soft computingMeasurement engineeringOptical engineering, Photon scienceIntelligent informaticsCommunication/Network engineeringElectron device/Electronic equipmentNatural disaster/Disaster prevention science

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