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Testimonials of graduates who have found employment


Various hobbies of EEIS students

“EEIS has really diverse fields of interest depending on the student. Some in the labs in electronics and information engineering are engaged in fundamental research on electrical and electronic engineering, while others are studying applications in a wide range of fields, such as social systems, art, music, etc. I believe that being involved with people from various fields will broaden your way of thinking and your perspective on things. ”

EEIS teachers are kind

”When I was hesitant and couldn't take action even though I was interested in the electrical-related and information-related fields, my EEIS teacher gave me advice and provided a place for activities outside of class. In addition, they kindly offered consultations about my career path.

When I made an appointment, the teachers took time to listen to me. I think job hunting became easier thanks to such support. ”

Real world stories you can learn at EEIS

“When you enter graduate school, there are quite a few classes that focus on ‘real world stories,’ and rather than studying basic physics and mathematics, the content of the classes is more related to the real world. For example, in a security class, I had the opportunity to hear from engineers from various companies about specific examples, such as the risky way to handle information and how it is protected.

This is not limited to security, and one of the strengths of EEIS is that students get to acquire deep knowledge in the area of social implementation by learning about the technologies that are actually used. ”