Hongo Campus

7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656
Tel: 03(5841)6038,7747 (Graduate School Team, Administrative Division, School of Engineering)
Tel: 03(5841)6009 (General Affairs Division, Faculty of Engineering/Graduate School of Engineering)

  • 10-minute walk from Hongosanchome Station (Marunouchi Line)
  • 8-minute walk from Todaimae Station (Nanboku Line)
  • 12-minute walk from Yushima Station or Nezu Station (Chiyoda Line)
  • Get off at Ochanomizu Station (JR Chuo Line or JR Sobu Line)
    • Take To-bus (Tokyo Metropolitan bus), 茶 51, bound for Komagome Station or Oji Station, or 東 43, bound for Arakawadote. Get off at Todai (bus stops: Akamonmae, Seimonmame, or Nogakubumae.)
    • Or, take Gaku-bus, 学 07, bound for Todai-konai, and get off at Todai (bus stops: Tatsuokamon, Byoinmae, or other on-campus bus stops.)
  • From JR Ueno Station or JR Okachimachi Station
    • Take To-bus (Tokyo Metropolitan bus), 都 02, bound for Otsuka, and get off at Yushima Yonchome (This bus is available only from JR Okachimachi Station)
    • Or, take Gaku-bus, 学 01, bound for Todai-konai, and get off at Todai (bus stops: Tatsuokamon, Byoinmae, and other on-campus bus stops.)

1. Faculty of Engineering Bldg.1
2. Faculty of Engineering Bldg.2
3. Faculty of Engineering Bldg.3
4. Faculty of Engineering Bldg.4
5. Faculty of Engineering Bldg.5
6. Faculty of Engineering Bldg.6
7. Faculty of Engineering Bldg.7
8. Faculty of Engineering Bldg.8
11. Faculty of Engineering Bldg.11
13. Faculty of Engineering Bldg.13
14. Faculty of Engineering Bldg.14
15. Faculty of Engineering (Reppin-kan)
17. Cavitation Tunnel
18. Seakeeping Tank; Ship Model Basin
19. Seakeeping Tank; Ship Model Basin

Asano Campus

9. Faculty of Engineering Bldg.9
10. Faculty of Engineering Bldg.10
12. Faculty of Engineering Bldg.12
16. Takeda Bldg., Takeda Hall, VLSI Design and Education Center
21. Wind Engineering Laboratory
22. High Voltage Electron Microscope
23. NEW Annex 1
24. NEW Annex 2
25. NEW Tandem Center

Kashiwa Campus


Komaba II Campus

・Institute of Industrial Science (IIS)
  - Access
  - Map of IIS Campus
・Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
  - Access

Sagamihara Campus

・Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency・Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
  - Access