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Creating the future

Currently, the spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, is having a strong impact on society, economy and industry. There are many things which technology can contribute to in such a situation. This is where the electrical, electronic and information communication technologies of our department come into play, including online lectures, remote work, tele-medicine/diagnosis, and open data. We must use technology to drive the future society and economy.

For the past 100 years, electrical, electronic, and information technologies have made great contributions to society through the promotion of industry, and to the tradition and creation of culture. However, the past 100 years have been the phase that can be called the run-up period of the electrical, electronic, and information revolutions. The true, rapid revolution period will take place in the next 100 years, when our department will show its true value. We need to help electrical, electronic, and information technologies spread throughout the society.

The fields covered by our department span all the industrial fields, and there are many fields where electrical, electronic, and information technologies have an influence on our daily lives. The role we have to play is growing. Let us create a new history so that we can make contributions to the transformation of society, industry, life, and local communities, while finding issues without being bound by stereotypes, standing close to our stakeholders, and creating value through collaboration with partners in other fields.

When the University of Cambridge was shut down due to the spread of plague in the 17th century, Isaac Newton made three well-known outstanding discoveries. Forced to return to his hometown, he settled down and spent some time in contemplation. He eventually developed the laws of universal gravitation, the ideas of differential integration, and optics.

Challenges make us creative. I hope that we can take this situation as a precious opportunity to create the future together.

May 2020
Professor Hiroyuki Morikawa
Head of Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems