Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course (EEEC) can be traced back to 1873 as the world first specialized course on electrical engineering in a university. Its history and heritage make our course responsible for keeping such a fundamental field in engineering. At the same time, our course puts great emphasis on pioneering spirit to create cutting-edge concepts and technologies. The basic knowledge in our course includes electromagnetics, electrical circuit theory, mathematics, informatics, and quantum mechanics. Word first-class research and education are developed on the basis of such fundamental scientific knowledge to provide novel solutions in the widespread field such as energy, control, environment, space, information, integrated circuits, semiconductor devices, optoelectronics, nano- science/technology. Our mission includes the incubation of novel and inter-disciplinary fields associated with physics, chemistry biology, informatics, material science, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, and plasma science. Graduate students in our course are promoting world top-level research activities with deep specialty and wide viewpoints, which they have acquired through the curriculum in our course.

Electrical and electronic engineering is the field which develops on the basis of concrete academic fundamentals and spreads to an infinite variety of directions, including numerous stems for future innovations. You will certainly find a theme which attracts your vigor. The EEEC course cooperates with Computing and Communication Systems Course (CCSC) to form a united department, Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, and the synergy will make it possible to develop world first-class research and education activities.