Computing and Communication Systems Course

With the rapid progress in communication and information technology, electrical, electronic and information engineering suffers from the segmentation of software and hardware technologies, which often results in the delay in research and development. In order to solve such a bottleneck, we need to acquire a comprehensive view covering those fields. In this regard, Computing and Communication Systems Course (CCSC) merges software and hardware technologies in information and communication science, aiming at the incubation of a new academic field. We aim at the education to grow engineers and scientists who can understand both software and hardware in a unified manner and can contribute to the construction of next-generation information and communication technology with a broadband perspective. We inherit the “frontier spirit” from the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, which our preceding department belonged to, and connect it to “the power on the basis of tradition” which is the strength of the School of Engineering, aiming at creating the active course CCSC that makes significant contributions to the development of information and communication technology.