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Doctoral career

About doctoral program

Students apply what they have learned and work on advanced content. Students apply what they have learned and work on advanced content.

"The graduate school has a three-year doctoral program in the second term. The objective of the doctoral program is to contribute to the advancement of culture by adding new knowledge to conventional academic standards through original research and to cultivate the ability to supervise research in specialized fields. ”

Testimonials from graduates

We heard from graduates about their careers after the doctoral program.

Research is enjoyable more than anything

”The main reason I chose to pursue a Ph.D. was that I enjoyed research.

There are times when a device breaks down and it takes time to repair it, or when trial and error doesn't produce the desired results, but failure is inevitable in research. Sometimes I don't know if it's because my method is bad or if it's an unknown phenomenon, but even the Nobel Prize starts with that kind of strange discovery, and you can always learn something from a failure, which is exciting. Furthermore, if you can get the desired research results, then you will be able to feel the greatest happiness as a researcher. ”

There is financial support

"While some departments do not have a system in place, EEIS has a system to provide financial support to students who are pursuing doctoral studies. It should be noted that at EEIS, master’s students can receive scholarships and not only doctoral students. There are few departments that do this, and it was a major factor in advancing to a doctoral program."

It's not too late to get a job after going on to a doctorate

"In the first year of the master's program, I did an internship at a major company popular among electrical engineering students, and met people with various careers there. Among them, there was a person who got a job after obtaining a doctoral degree. I thought it wouldn't be too late to do my favorite research and get a job after graduating with my doctorate."

"I obtained a doctoral degree in information and communication engineering, but I am currently working in a development field at a general company, not in a research area. This may be unusual for a doctoral graduate. I had the option of continuing my research, but in the end, I chose the career path I am on now. I made this choice because I was able to study a wide range of subjects and experience many different things in the electronics and information engineering major.

If you are conscious of learning a wide range of subjects without being limited by the words "electrical and electronic engineering," I believe you will be able to expand your possibilities within the field of electronics and information engineering. ”