Program for Leading Graduate Schools

"The Program for Leading Graduate Schools," was established in 2011. The project was designed for the purpose of guiding outstanding students to be globally active leaders in industry, academia and government, with wide vision and creativity. The program thus aims to reform graduate school education to provide qualified doctoral degree program of global level, not entangled in industry, academia and government only.
Through these programs, which cover all the 18 departments at school of engineering, we hope to establish a new learning environment.

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Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo Doctoral Student Special Incentives Program (SEUT RA) Application Guidelines (for April 2015)

This program within The Graduate School of Engineering at The University of Tokyo seeks to encourage excellence in graduate students by promoting advancement to doctoral courses and doctoral research with monetary support.

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Quantum Science and Technology Fellowship Program (Q-STEP)

Doctoral student education support program to develop human resources in quantum science and technology. The Quantum Science and Technology Fellowship is designed to develop human resources to solve sustainable development goals (SDGs) and global commons by developing a research and education program that gives a broad overview from quantum science to quantum technology and by providing a career path support program.

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2nd recruitment in 2022:World-leading INnovative Graduate Study Program-Quantum Science and TEchnology Program (WINGS-QSTEP)

Department of applicants: Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, Applied Physics, Nuclear Engineering and Management, Mechanical Engineering, Precision Engineering, Bioengineering (Graduate School of Engineering), Physics (Graduate School of Science), Multidisciplinary Science (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), Advanced Materials Science (Graduate School of Frontier Sciences).

Eligibility to apply: students of 1st grade of doctor course on Apr. 1st in 2022 (enrolled in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022) or new doctor course students to be enrolled in Fall 2022

Application deadline: August 2, 2022 15:00 (JST)
Application website: SPRING GX

We are looking for students who are conducting research on quantum science and technology in a broad sense.

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