Power Engineering and Environmental Technology

Research topics:Fusion energy, Plasma science and technology

Research topics:Applied superconductivity, Electrical machinery

Research topics:New energy, Photovoltaics, Solar cell technology

Research topics:Fusion Energy, Plasma Physics, Solar Energy

Research topics:Plasma Applications, Plasma Chemistry

Research topics:High Voltage Engineering, Plasma Technology

Research topics:Power Electronics, Smart grid

Research topics:Laser Sensing, Diagnostics of Electric Power Apparatus

※ Prof. Kumada and Prof. Fujii will co-supervise graduate students.

Research topics:Energy and Environmental Economics, Options to mitigate Climate Change

Research topics:Power system, Smart grid

Space Engineering and Control Technology

Research topics:Space Exploration Robotics, Artificial Intelligence in Space, Image Understanding

Research topics:Scheduling of Train Operation, Energy Manaegementand Electric Drive Control of Railway Vehicle, Linear Drives and Electromagnetic levitation, Applied Motion Control

Research topics:Spacecraft control, Image-based spacecraft navigation

Research topics:Satellite system and components, Signal processing of navigation sensors, Microwave remote sensing

Research topics:Control Engineering, Nano-scale servo system, Electric Vehicle Control

Research topics:Electric Vehicle, Motion Control, Wireless Power Transfer

※He will not take students this fiscal year.

Nano Physics and Device Technology

Research topics:Quantum Nanophotonics, Topological Photonics, Topological Wave Engineering

Research topics:Spintronics, Spin current, Topological materials, Oxide spintronics devices, Quantum nano physics

  • ONODERA HiroshiResearch Professor
  • hongo

Research topics:devices for tissue engineering (stem cells and iPS cells), optogenetics, wearable devices, tissue cleaning method and devices

※Prof. Someya and Prof. Onodera will co-supervise graduate students.

Research topics:Spintronics, Functional electronic materials, Synchrotron radiation spectroscopy, Electronic structure analysis

※Prof. Tanaka and Prof. Kobayashi will co-supervise graduate students.

Research topics:Integration of nano-electronics on Si platform, Next generation transistor and memory technology

Research topics:III-V nanostructure solar cells, semiconductor enrgy devices and systems

Research topics:Energy Conversion Materials, Oxide Spintronics

※Prof. Tabata and Prof. Seki will co-supervise graduate students.

Research topics:Organic/molecular electronics, flexible devices & systems, bio-sensing, wearable devices, implantable devices

Research topics:Semiconductor/Nano Device Physics, Device Engineering

Research topics:Nano-probing technologies

Research topics:Si photonics, electric-photonic integrated circuits

Research topics:Spin/optical/electronic properties of materials, Spintronics, Nano-science

Research topics:Photonic integrated circuits, Nanophotonics, Optical imaging,Optical information processing

Research topics:MEMS/Micromechatronics

Research topics:Electronic materials, semiconductor devices, spintronics

※Prof. Tanaka and Prof. Nakane will co-supervise graduate students.

Research topics:Optoelectronic Devices, Integrated Photonics, Solar Energy

Research topics:Energy harvesting, Phonon engineering, Integrated quantum electronics

Research topics:Quantum Semiconductor Devices, Nanoscience, Terahertz Dynamics

Research topics:Integrated Devices, Ultra-Low Power Devices, Silicon Power Devices

  • HIROSE KazuyukiProfessor
  • sagamihara

Research topics:Electronics for space sciences, Electronic properties of semiconductor nano-structures

Research topics:Quantum materials and nanostructures

Research topics:Nanophotonics, diamond quantum sensor, artificial photosynthesis

Research topics:organic electronics, printed electronics

Nano Bio Electronics and Complexity Engineering

Research topics:Mathematical Modeling for Complex Systems, Chaotic and Optoelectronic Neural Networks, Mathematics of Artificial Intelligence

※He will not take students this fiscal year.

Research topics:Neuromorphic systems, Neuronal system modeling

Research topics:Theoretical Biology, Systems Biology, Quantitative Biology, Bioinformatics, Information Thermodynamics

Research topics:Biomedical engineering

Research topics:Complex systems dynamics, Energy-efficient information processing

※Prof. Hirose and Prof. Tanaka will co-supervise graduate students.

※For the PhD course, other professor may co-supervise the students. Please inquire for details.

Research topics:Oxide Electronics, Bio-medical Photonics

Research topics:Oxide nanophotonics Bio/chemical sensing

※He will not take students this fiscal year.

Media, Intelligence and Computation Technology

Research topics:Computer Vision, Mixed Reality

Research topics:Speech Information Processing, Multimedia Information Processing

Research topics:Programming Languages, Information Security and Internet Trust

Research topics:High-performance Computing, Accelerated Computing, Computational Mechanics

Research topics:High-Performance Computing (HPC), Parallel Numerical Algorithm, Computational Mechanics

※He will not take students this fiscal year.

Research topics:High Performance Computing, Accelerated Computing, High Performance Interconnect

Research topics:Spoken Language Processing, Computer-Aided Language Learning

Ubiquitous Information Environment Technology

Research topics:Information Network, Distributed Computing

Research topics:Human Interface, Interactive Media, Human Computer Interaction, Augmented Reality

Research topics:Digital Fabrication, Sensing, Wireless Power Transmission

Research topics:High Performance Machine Learning Algorithm & Hardware, IT Resource Management, Data Center Architecture

Research topics:Network Protocol, Network Virtualization, Cyber Cecurity

Research topics:Wide-area distributed computing

Research topics:Internet of Things, M2M, Big Data, Wireless Communications

Research topics:Human-Computer Interaction, Ubiqutous Computing

LSI System Engineering

Research topics:Analog Digital Mixed-Signal Advanced LSI Systems

Research topics:Hardware Security, System LSI and Smart Image Sensor System Design

  • KURODA TadahiroProfessor
  • hongo

Research topics:Integrated Circuits, 3D Integration, Artificial Intelligence

Research topics:Integrated Power Management Circuits

Research topics:Embedded systems・VLSI Design methodology

Research topics:Intelligent Semiconductor Microdevices

Photonics and Wireless Engineering

Research topics:Biophotonics

Research topics:Laser Systems, Lightwave Measurement, Photonic Devices

Research topics:Measurement Engineering, Synthetic Aperture Radar, Remote Sensing

Research topics:Wireless electronics, Neural Networks (Brain-inspired signal/information processing)

Research topics:Optical fiber lasers and devices, and their applications