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    • 2020.06.15:
    • Research Associate Yoshiaki Narusue received ELEX Editorial Contribution Award from IEICE Electronics Express.
      <About awarded activity>
      This award recognizes an associate editor who has made outstanding contributions to the editing and paper review on IEICE Electronics Express (ELEX). It is his great honor to receive this award. He will continue to contribute his efforts to the research field.
    • 2020.05.28:
    • Kaoru Senda (Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, M1) received Best Paper Award of The 82nd National Convention of IPSJ.
      <About awarded research>
      "Individual segmentation of 3D point cloud using heuristic model for growth measurement of fruit tree"
      3D point cloud sensed by drones is utilized to evaluate growth of plants in an orchard, but individual segmentation is challenging.
    • 2020.05.27:
    • Akihisa Yasuda(D3 in 2019), Research Associate Yoshiaki Narusue, and Professor Hiroyuki Morikawa received the best paper award of the Japan wind energy association.
      <About awarded research>
      A low-cost and highly-accurate wind turbine anomaly detection method based on the collected data by a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.
    • 2020.05.20:
    • Masaki Takeuchi (Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, M2), Ahn Jaesol (Department of Information and Communication Engineering, B3), and Lee Kunhak (Department of Mechanical Engineering, B3) won the second place in the ImagineCup World Final.
      Imagine Cup aims to empower students to use their imagination and passion for technology to develop innovative and inclusive solutions that tackle key societal issues.
      <About awarded research>
      Syrinx, a hands-free ElectroLarynx that restores voice of people who have lost their voice due to throat cancer
    • 2020.04.07:
    • Associate Professor Masaharu Kobayashi (System Design Research Center (d.lab)/Institute of Industrial Science) received The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).
      This award recognizes researchers who are making remarkable achievements of the novel and emerging researches under 40 years of age.
      <About awarded research>
      "Innovative transistor and memory technologies based on next-generation ferroelectric material"
    • 2020.03.09:
    • 佐藤周行研究室の齋藤雄太さん(当時修士2年)と佐藤周行准教授による研究が、ソフトウェアテスト技術振興協会(ASTER)の第13回善吾賞に選定されました。
    • 2020.03.06:
    • Hiroaki Masaki (Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, Emerging Design and Informatics Course / second-year master’s student) received Honorable Mention Award at CHI 2020.
      CHI 2020 is a top-tier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction. At most 5% of submissions can receive an Honorable Mention Award.
      <About awarded research>
      “Exploring Nudge Designs to Help Adolescent SNS Users Avoid Privacy and Safety Threats”
      A nudge is a method to influence individual choices without taking away freedom of choice, well studied in behavioral economics. We conducted online surveys with adolescent SNS users to compare how 11 different nudge designs influence decisions in 9 scenarios featuring various privacy and safety threats on social media services (SNS).
    • 2020.03.05:
    • Soshi Shimomura (Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, M2) won IEEE computational Intelligence Society Japan Chapter Young Researcher Award (Neurocomputing).
      This award honors an excellent paper presented by a researcher under 35 in IEICE Neurocomputing Technical Meeting in 2019.
      <About awarded research>
      Research on visualizing a plastic landmine in the soil, which was difficult to detect with conventional methods
    • 2020.03.05:
    • Takehiro Ichimura (B4 in 2019) received IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Japan Chapter Young Researcher Award (Neurocomputing).
      This award recognizes an excellent paper presented by a researcher under 35 in IEICE Neurocomputing Technical Meeting in Academic Year 2018.
      <About awarded research>
      We presented the spatial distribution of effective information in a spin-wave reservoir computing in learning XOR task by using magnetic simulation. We also estimated ideal placing and sizing of output electrodes in this devise by investigating the output weights' distribution after learning.
    • 2020.03.04:
    • Associate Professor Masaharu Kobayashi (System Design Research Center (d.lab)/Institute of Industrial Science) received Marubun Research Encouragement Award for the research achievement of next-generation integrated devices based on ferroelectric-HfO2.
      This award recognizes researchers who are making remarkable achievements based on exchange research at research institutes such as universities and national & public research institutions.
    • 2020.03.03:
    • Siwook Choi (Department of Information and Communication Engineering) received The 65th IPSJ SIGUBI Workshop, Excellent paper award.
      <About awarded research>
      "Examining Feasibility of Eye Dryness Detection during Computer Use"
      In this paper, we designed a method to directly detect eye dryness during computer use through projecting a grid image from a computer display, and processing the reflected grid pattern on the user's eyes.
    • 2020.02.28:
    • Associate Professor Koji Yatani (Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, School of Engineering) received IPSJ/ACM Award for Early Career Contributions to Global Research.
      This award was founded in 2018 by the IPSJ and the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) in order to honor early career researchers in the field of computing for their outstanding contributions through their international and collaborative research as well as high expectations of their continuing global research.
      <About awarded research>
      Mobile Interactive Systems or Intellectual Productivity Support
    • 2020.02.18:
    • 工学系研究科電気系工学専攻 夏秋嶺講師が「Remote Sensing 2019 Outstanding Reviewer Award」を受賞しました。
      この賞は、論文誌Remote Sensingにおいて、2019年中に投稿された多数の論文に対して期限内に高い質をもって査読を行ったものへ授与されます。
    • 2020.02.18:
    • 工学系研究科電気系工学専攻 野村政宏准教授が「第16回日本学術振興会賞」を受賞しました。
    • 2020.01.15:
    • 熊田・藤井研の博士課程2年の江尻 開さんが2019年IEEE PES Japan Joint Chapter 学生優秀論文賞を受賞し、 2020年1月15日表彰式が執り行われました。
      小倉で2019年10月13日から16日にかけて開催された5th International Conference on Electric Power Equipment - Switching Technology (ICEPE-ST) で発表された"Particle-In-Cell Monte Carlo Collision Simulation of the Breakdown Initiating Process in Vacuum"が対象論文として採択されました。
    • 2019.12.11:
    • Song Jungmin (M2), Electric engineering department, won the 2019 6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar (APSAR) Excellent Paper Award (Second Price).
      Paper: J.Song, H.Kim, R.Natsuaki, A.Hirose,"Experimental analysis on spatial resolution and convergence of Poincare parameter versus window-size for ALOS-2 and Pi-SAR-L2 observations"
    • 2019.12.08:
    • 工学系研究科電気系工学専攻博士課程3年 金 相源さんが、Siebel Scholarsを受賞しました。
      これは、世界有数のSiebel Scholarsプログラム参加大学大学院に在学する学生を対象とした奨学金プログラムで、各参加大学の最も優秀な学生へ奨学金を付与する事業です。(東京大学への奨学金は、Energy Scienceの分野の学生が対象です。)
    • 2019.11.30:
    • 熊田・藤井研の学部4年生の寺田悠人さんが、2019年11月30日に東京都市大学で行われた2019年度放電学会若手セミナーで「酸化クロム皮膜を有する真空バルブ沿面の沿面放電シミュレーション」の論文を発表し、ポスター発表奨励賞を受賞しました。
    • 2019.11.30:
    • 熊田・藤井研の学部4年生の本間大成さんが、 2019年11月30日に東京都市大学で行われた2019年度放電学会年次大会で「レーザ誘起ブレイクダウン分光によるポリマーがいしの劣化診断」の論文を発表し、優秀論文発表賞 を受賞しました。