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Information on Specialized Subject

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Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering(180405KWE.pdf/79KB)

Examples of Examination Questions of Specialized Subject

Entrance Examination for the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo Specialized Subject (Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Information Engineering)


  • Do not open this booklet before permission is given.
  • This booklet contains 10 problems. If you find missing or badly printed pages, ask the proctor for exchange.
  • Fill in the top parts of all your four answer sheets and scratch paper. Before submitting your answer sheets, make sure that the top parts are correctly filled in.
  • Examinees are requested to choose and answer two problems from Specialized Subject I and another two problems from Specialized Subject II.
      - Specialized Subject I: Problem 1 - 4
      - Specialized Subject II: Problem 5(A) - 10(F)
  • Your answer to each problem should be written on a separate sheet. You may use the reverse side of the sheet if necessary.
  • The four answer sheets must be submitted at the end of the examination, even if they are blank ones. (The top parts of all the four sheets must be filled in.)
  • You must answer in Japanese or English.
  • This booklet and the scratch paper must be returned at the end of the examination.
  • In the PDF files linked below, the English translation appears following to the problems in Japanese.
  • Problems in Japanese are regarded as official ones. This English translation is provided for the convenience of applicants.

2018 (exam held in August 2017)

2017 (exam held in August 2016)

2016 (exam held in August 2015)

2015 (exam held in August 2014)

2014 (exam held in August 2013)

2013 (exam held in August 2012)

2012 (exam held in August 2011)