Welcome Remark

About fifty years ago, in the sixties, people in my generation were young and achievements in electrical engineering received much attention, for example, the Tokaido Shinkansen started commercial operation as a high-speed and frequent public intercity railway service, and major home electronic appliances were highly appreciated as "three sacred treasures". Following that era, our seniors continued with much efforts to contribute to the drastic growth and wide application of electrical and electronic engineering. For instance, portable personal information terminal which is always connected to the communication networks and electrical traction, a concept, comprehensively applied not only to electric railways but also to various human personal mobility. Ironically, people started to lose their obsession for electrical and electronic studies in such wide use of the technologies. Japan has become an aged society and is facing a declining population in the twenty first century.
There had been an emotional pessimistic view to the direction of technical research and development, and future of our engineering business in such a social environment.

The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 damaged our society to an extent that changed our social views. Especially about the limited amount of our available electric energy. As a consequence, electrical engineering has been attracting attention again as a key technology for smart energy management for our sustainable social growth.

Presently, the quality of our life and culture is more significant than ideologies. Our society requests persons, who can, to present their ideas of technical research and development in the global market. Abilities requested of such global engineers are mental endurance and excellent personality which should enable them to establish trustable partnerships in international engineering works through sensible and logical technical discussions, overcoming the barriers of different languages and cultural background. Our department offers you natural chances of such training in your daily academic activities. And the technology itself, which you will study or choose as your own research subject, will be significant and useful in improving your cultural future life in coming fifty/one hundred years.

April 2016

Professor KOSEKI, Takafumi
Head of the department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems